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  • New website:

    New website:

    © J L. Collier —

    We both have been steadily busy this year on a variety of projects. I am pleased to finally have J’s website completed and live. I opted to vastly simplify things from his former Wordpress site and switch to the Cargo platform so I could more efficiently use my limited time shooting photography of his work and keeping his site up to date versus the neverending headache of Wordpress software updates, security and hackery threats, plugin combatiblity snags, etc., etc. And honestly for J's website needs using Wordpress was like pulling out a machete to peel a grape so an adieu to WP was long overdue.


  • Jewelry collection

    Jewelry collection

    © J L. Collier — untitled

    Hand formed fine silver, textured, patina, 24K keum boo accent, freshwater pearls, sterling neck wire; hand cut stainless steel, heat patina, 24K keum boo accent, sterling neck wire; stainless steel, freshwater pearls, stainless steel cable, sterling clasp and adjustment chain, freshwater pearl accent

  • Press » PATINA book

    Press » PATINA book

    Seen above, the contents of a spring parcel from the UK. J's work is included in this beautiful hardback book—PATINA: 300+ Coloration Effects for Jewelers & Metalsmiths by Matthew Runfola—conceived, designed, and produced by Quarto Publishing in London and published in North America by Interweave Press. This photo rich book is a terrific resource for patination and coloration techniques.


    © J L. Collier — Felix Helix ring

    “Blackened steel, natural brass, and copper are used for the design elements composing this ring. Using color to differentiate components within an object is a wonderful way to have the viewer focus on parts as well as the whole.”