• MCM swoop

    MCM swoop

    Photos © Amy Collier

    A wonderfully dramatic swooped concrete roofline on this Mid-Century Modern building located at the San Antonio International Airport. Clad with travertine, the marked color contrast and architectural lines of this structure make a bold statement well from a distance.

    I still have yet to find out who built this beautiful building but it has many of the hallmarks of a Marmon Mok design from the 1960s. I had guessed it to possibly be concurrent with their Confluence Theater, part of the USA Pavilion built for the 1968 World's Fair hosted here in SA. The airport was expanded at that time to handle the increase in visitors. However, it is reported the firm only began ongoing projects at the airport in the 1970s and 80s including their award winning design of the original Terminal One in the 80s and its more recent renovations. So appears I will need to do additional research.



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